Cup Visit by David Ryan

Today, Niall O’ Sullivan, Marianne Murphy, Eric Fanning, Michealla Graham and Jack Shehan came in with 3 All-Ireland cups. The Minor football, U-16 camogie and U-14 Tony Forrestal cups came into our school, Scoil Mochaomhog Naofa. Andy Ryan and 3 men from the county board came in too. It started off with a great speech by Andy Ryan. Andy was telling everyone about the matches. The Minors were 11 points down but they won it in the end. The U-16s were 10 points down at half time but when Andy came in they looked determined to win and they won. The U-14s were 11 points down but they fought back and won the game. Then Andy said “Never give up”. Marianne Murphy, past pupil of Scoil Mochaomhog Naofa, had the next speech and she said “Never give up” as well. Next she said something everyone was waiting for, when she said “No homework” to Mrs Doherty. Everyone cheered like mad. After that Mrs Doherty had a speech and agreed with Marianne. Soon after the cross-country team medals were given out to the 3rd and 4th class boys, 3rd and 4th class girls and 5th and 6th class boys. At last everyone got a picture with the cups and everyone went back to their classes.
By David Ryan,
5th class,
Scoil Mochaomhog Naofa,
Two Mile Borris.

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