Green School News

The Green school committee are working hard towards attaining the WATER FLAG in 2013.  The committee meet regularily to discuss plans and to ensure that we are all doing our part to conserve water by turning off taps in classrooms, bathrooms and at home.  We have checked our water consumption at the outside water meter and are currently using an average of 1m3 (1 cubic metre) of water daily which is quite efficient water usage.  Our water consumption has increased slightly but this is because the builders are using extra water during the building process.  The builders are aware that we are working towards the water flag and are doing their part to turn taps off etc.

WORLD WATER DAY is Wednesday November 21st.  This is our Action Day with water experiments in the classrooms and a guest speaker from the Fisheries Board.  We will also welcome the local Council Engineer who will visit on Thursday 22nd to explain about the local water system in Two Mile Borris. Please see our Noticeboard in the school for information about our work.

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