Source Science Show

Science Week

On Thursday the 13th of November all of 3rd, 4th 5th and 6th class went to the Source for a science show. At the science show the Moyne Templetuohy School joined us at the show. He first picked 3 people to come up for an experiment.  He asked up Amy Britton, Dillon Ryan and a girl from Moyne School. When they went up they were handed a long tube and the man that was introducing the show asked them to make a sound with the tube without using your mouth. None of the three people were able to make the sound with the tube and then he showed them how to make the Sound with the tube by swinging it around in a circle. The three people that were asked to make the sound finally made the sound by swinging it around then they were handed a straw and were asked to make a sound with the straw.  They tried swinging it around like they did with the tube but it made no sound.  The man came over with a scissors and cut a little slit in the top of the straw and he cut the very same slit in all the straws for the three people. he had a straw for himself as well he put the end of the straw where he cut the slit and he blew into the straw and made a duck sound then the three people tried it and made the same sound then he blew into it again and cut the straw while he was blowing into it and the pitch of the sound was getting higher and higher. For the next experiment he told everyone to line up at the door and walk outside and line up. He also brought a big bottle of diet coke and a pack of mentos mints.  he put the pack of mentos into the bottle and then he moved out of the way so the coke wouldn’t  get all over him. The coke went about 10 feet up into the air .When we got inside he had energy stick with coloured lights in it. He asked 10 girls to hold hands to make a circle and Ava Dwyer and he was holding the energy stick and touching Laura Costigan’s nose and Laura was holding one of the girl’s hands and the electricity was going  through the 10 girls and the light was lighting in the energy stick.

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