Match Report

Two Mile Borris vs Ardfinnan

The U13 Boys were in a county final which was on in Golden against Ardfinnan on the 7th of November.

The starting line-up was Sean O’Dwyer in goal , Cathal Clancy and Tristian Troy were full backs while Jack Hayes and Dylan Maher, Captain, were the half backs. The midfield line was David Costigan , Killian Cantwell and John Mulligan , half forwards were Tom Ryan and Eamon Ryan and the finally the full forward line was Rory Heffernan and James Danagher .

The referee Mark Jordan threw the ball in and Ardfinnan won the ball.  They were quickly on the attack and Diarmuid Condon gave the ball to Shane Ryan who put the ball straight between the posts. 5 minutes later Shane Ryan got another point from a free which made the score 0-2 to 0-0.  Ardfinnan kept attacking and it finally paid off when Shane Ryan got the ball and kicked it into the square and bounced just over Sean O’Dwyer’s head and into the goal. 1-2 to 0-0 to Ardfinnan. Then Sean gave a perfect kickout to Jack Hayes he took his steps and gave a lovely pass to Eamon Ryan who kicked a lovely point over the bar. TMB were back in it, but Ardfinnan kept the pressure on them. When Tom Ryan got fouled, he took it himself and made no mistake and put it straight over the bar. The referee blew his whistle for half time. The score was Ardfinnan 1-2 TMB 0-2.

Mark Jordan threw in the ball. TMB won the ball. Eamon Ryan got the ball and soloed on and buried it in the top corner, he had 1-1 already. Ardfinnan got a free out and kicked it to Diarmuid Condon who Dylan Maher was marking. He hassled and harried him and Jack Hayes was on his way over to help out Dylan. Jack got the ball passed it to Aaron Dwyer who had come on for Rory Heffernan and Aaron passed it to Killian Cantwell who scored a great point. 5 minutes later TMB got a free and Tom Ryan kicked it over the bar and made it 1-4 to 1-3. The keeper from Ardfinnan kicked out the ball. David Costigan caught the ball out of the air and hit a brilliant score. Ardfinnan got a free and Shane Ryan lobbed it into TMB’s full back line. Tristian Troy caught it and handpassed it out to Cathal Clancy but Ardfinnan intercepted and kicked a lovely pass across the goal and Ardfinnan were about to shoot when Jack Hayes came across the goal and shouldered the man that was about to shoot. Jack gathered the ball and passed it to John Mulligan who passed it off to Tom Ryan who scored a nice point with the inside of his foot. Sean O’Dwyer our goalie made good kickouts and we retained the ball every time. Ardfinnan, especially Andrew Tobin and Tiernan O Leary, kept trying till the end but TMB brought on Sean Maher and Conor Doherty to help us hold on for victory. David Costigan got 3 unanswered points before Mark Jordan put the whistle to his mouth and blew for full time. The team were delighted. We had won 1-9 to 1-3. Dylan Maher, our captain, collected the big plaque and we were singing songs on the bus all the way home.

By Tom Ryan & Killian Cantwell  

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