MS Readathon

The MS Readathon is a sponsored reading initiative for all children in Ireland. It starts on October 12th and runs until November 12th. We logged onto the MS Readathon website to learn more about this initiative. 

“Every parent,guardian and teacher knows just how important reading is to a developing child.It builds their confidence,inspires their imagination and helps them make sense of the world around them. 
The MS Readathon is the perfect opportunity to encourage your children to read. For kids who are already bookworms,it’s a chance to go deeper-perhaps to challenge themselves with longer,more advanced books.”


MS affects people in different ways. Some people have problems with walking, seeing things, remembering things properly, going to the toilet or feeling really tired a lot of the time. MS not only affects your body and mind, it can also affect lots of daily activities (MS Readathon website).

We hope that our school can raise some money to help people with MS. Thanks to Mr McCullagh for organising this great project for our school.

By Cathal C and Claudia T, Ms Ryan’s Class.

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