Plant and animal of the Month – January


The Robin

Common Name: Robin or Robin Red Breast

Irish Name: Spideóg

Description: It has a bright orange-red face and breast. Its wings and head is a greyish brown and has a greyish white belly underneath. It’s beak is dark and pointy. They puff out their feathers to trap air which keeps them warm.

Habitat: The Robin lives in gardens, hedges, parks and woodlands across Ireland.

Food: It east small worms and insects like flies and caterpillars.

Fun Fact: Robins will often follow gardeners around the garden to find worms they dig up.

Life Cycle: In spring the Robin finds a mate. In summer the mammy lays about 5 eggs. In late summer the chicks hatch, and the mammy and daddy feed them. In Autumn the chicks move away and spend winter on their own. The cycle begins again.


Common Name: Nettle

Irish Name: Neantóg

Description: Nettles have pointy toothed leaves. They are well known for their nasty sting! They grow to about 100 cm high. They are found as an understory plant in wetter environments, but can also be found in meadows. Nettles are a very important food for caterpillars of Irish butterflies.

Fun Fact: Nettle soup is very tasty and does not sting!

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