Notification regarding the Board of Management’s Review of the Child Safeguarding Statement

The Board of Management of Scoil Mochaomhóg Naofa wishes to inform you that:

  • The Board of Management’s annual review of the school’s Child Safeguarding Statement was completed at the Board meeting of 13/02/2020.
  • This review was conducted in accordance with the “Checklist for Review of the Child Safeguarding Statement” published on the Department’s ‘website

The Child Safeguarding Statement is available on our ‘Policies’ page on our website or alternatively, from our school office.

Project Work

1st and 2nd Class created projects about nocturnal animals. They learned many interesting facts about their nocturnal animal and worked hard to record their information using their knowledge of report writing. The children then worked with their group to present their information as a poster and then present it orally to the class. They did a fantastic job!

Art Club

Art Club resumed this week for the children of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class. The children were working on the areas of paint, colour and printing. They created a heart just in time for Valentines!

To Infinity and Beyond!

1st and 2nd Class have been busy learning all about Space. They have enjoyed many picture books and video clips about The Solar System , The First Moon Landing, Chris Hadfield and Ellie Foraker.

The children used world book online and kiddle to research and create mini projects about the planets. They all did a wonderful job!

Meet Jimmy the Koala!

1st and 2nd Class have sponsored a Koala named Jimmy from the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. The Koala Hospital are very busy caring for many injured and dehydrated Koalas during the terrible Australian Wildfires. The boys and girls are very excited to care for Jimmy. He only joined our class last week and has already helped make Eton Mess, play the Nintendo and go to ballet lessons.

Art Club

Art Club finished today with a little party and certificates for the children’s participation and achievement. We had a wonderful 7 weeks that saw the children begin with Halloween themed printing, make pumpkin pom poms and spider webs. Throughout the weeks the children used salt dough, made fairy doors, created an all about me t-shirt and finally worked together to create a biodiversity themed display for all in our school to enjoy.

Science Week

Discover Lismore transformed 1st and 2nd Class into a crime scene during Science Week. The children were tasked with solving a very serious crime. They studied police reports, DNA profiles and finger prints to try and eliminate suspects. They also used a real life scientific technique called paper chromatography to find out what pen was used to write a crucial piece of evidence.

The children worked really well to decide as a team who they thought committed the crime. They presented their suspect and their reasons to the class.

It was a very exciting day in 1st and 2nd Class!


1st and 2nd Class have been very busy creating and presenting TV programmes on TMB TV. They became news reporters and presented their weekend news to the camera, they worked hard to ensure they used many time connectives, full sentences and speak with expression. They also became special guests on TMB TV as gaeilge. The children were interviewed on our TG4 style channel. Great fun was had by all and each special guest was welcomed with wonderful applause. We are looking forward to see who will make an appearance on our channel next week!

Religion in 1st and 2nd Class

1st and 2nd have been spending some time thinking about people they love who are no longer with us. They made rosary beads with Ms. Troy to pray for their loved ones, Fr. Tom very kindly blessed the children’s rosary beads. The children also created a ‘We Remember…’ display for the school ethos board.