GP Room Transformation Update

Our GP Room is looking better each week. We are working on a whole school initiative to improve the appearance of our GP Room through displaying the wonderful work we are doing in class.

Most recently, Junior and Senior Infants created the Red Hen display while 1st and 2nd Class exhibited their 3D colour exploration work.

Check back again to see updates of the transformation.

Prayer Service

Fr Tom kindly led a Prayer Service for the staff and children in our school this morning, as part of Catholic Schools Week. We gave thanks for everyone who makes our school the active, caring community that we are all part of each day. Thank you Fr Tom for facilitating such a meaningful service.

Active Assembly

At today’s Assembly, Mr Ryan surprised the children by introducing Active Assembly. Everyone assembled on yard and exercised for five minutes. David and Tom from 6th Class directed the children through five different exercises. It was great fun!

Assembly Report 12/10/18

On Friday 12th October, Father Tom Fogarty hosted our assembly. He spoke about honesty. Father Tom told our school a story about a man who was really honest. God rewarded him with a gold axe and a silver axe for his honesty.

He told another story about a greedy man who was very wealthy. One day he lost a bag of fifty gold coins so he asked his workers to help him find them. The workers looked everywhere but they were unable to find them. One day a worker and his ten year old daughter were out walking when they found the missing fifty gold coins. They brought the bag of coins to the greedy man and he was not grateful. He accused them of stealing twenty five gold coins but in court, the judge  gave the fifty coins to the man and his daughter to reward them for being honest. We closed Assembly with a final prayer. Thank you Fr Tom for hosting our assembly.

By Sophie and Catherine, Ms Ryan’s Class

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