3rd and 4th The Human Body

We have been learning all about what makes us who we are this term. We have discussed emotions and how to have a Growth Mindset in S..P.H.E. , held debates and shared our opinions in English, talked about our likes and dislikes as Gaeilge and worked hard learning about the organs, muscles and skeleton of the human body. Below are some pictures of the class creating their life size organ projects and how the skeleton works using playdoh . The children put a huge amount of work into these and the results are a huge credit to them. A particular fact they liked learning is the name of the largest muscle in the body which they will only be delighted to share when asked.

Digital School of Excellence Project

Our school is participating in the Digital School of Excellence initiative with other local schools. Over the next few weeks, we will be experimenting with various types of digital sensors. This week, we are testing a pressure sensor. We tested Air Pressure in class today. During our next lesson, we will measure the air pressure using a digital sensor.

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